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Since 2021, ALL PRO BUILDERS has been steadily expanding its scaffolding and general construction recruitment arm. With a dedicated team of two recruiters and one highly experienced Managing Consultant, ALL PRO BUILDERS operates under the guidance of the company’s Sales Manager at our Baltimore Office.

Our extensive database includes one of the most up-to-date contact lists of scaffolding operatives nationwide. ALL PRO BUILDERS specializes in various CISRS-registered disciplines, ranging from trainee scaffolders and COTS laborers to advanced scaffolders and scaffolding supervisors. Additionally, we provide general laborers, drivers (including HGV and forklift drivers), traffic marshals/banksmen, and various other trades and labor positions for the construction industry.

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As a highly recognized scaffolding and general construction labor provider in the United States, All Pro Builders offer top-quality services tailored to diverse project needs. Our experienced team ensures safety, efficiency, and satisfaction in every project.

With a commitment to excellence, All Pro Builders deliver reliable scaffolding solutions across industries nationwide. From industrial plants to commercial high-rises, our experienced professionals prioritize safety and efficiency, making us a trusted partner for contractors and developers alike.



All Pro Builders has qualified safety inspectors and employees undergo safe practices training and certification. Our candidates also go thorough vetting upon registration and are required to furnish at least two references from reputable sources. Each operative dispatched to site by All Pro Builders is rigorously outfitted with complete personal protective equipment, encompassing chin-strap hard hats, steel toe cap boots, high-visibility jackets, goggles, gloves, and safety harnesses.


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ALL PRO BUILDERS consistently delivers exceptional customer service, reliably assisting us during challenging situations. We have confidence in ALL PRO BUILDERS’ ability to supply high-quality last-minute trades when needed. Darren and the team provide personalized support, which we greatly appreciate. As a company heavily reliant on agency scaffolders, ALL PRO BUILDERS stands out by consistently exceeding our expectations, unlike other agencies.

Milton Garcia, United Brick

Luis serves as our primary contact at ALL PRO BUILDERS, displaying exceptional qualifications and competence. His recruitment approach is consistently professional and thoughtfully executed. Communication with him is always a delight, and he consistently strives to provide the ideal candidates for our needs. Optima’s timesheets and invoicing processes are meticulously structured and efficiently managed by Luis.

Albert Keene, King Construction & Remodeling LLC

The individuals Luis has sourced seamlessly integrated into my existing teams, proving to be invaluable members with outstanding attitudes and work ethics, qualities our company highly values. In my experience in the scaffolding industry, no other resource providers rival ALL PRO BUILDERS Luis’ services. I will consistently turn to Luis for assistance in the future.

Jonathan Harris, Total Home Improvements


Skilled scaffolders are indispensable across diverse construction projects, ensuring site safety, accessibility, and project efficiency. Recruiting advanced scaffolders is crucial for seamless design, construction, and dismantling of scaffolding structures. By erecting sturdy platforms, they facilitate safe work at heights, minimizing risks. Their proficiency in scaffold system design and implementation enhances productivity and mitigates project delays. Scaffolders collaborate with other trades to tailor scaffolds to project needs, adhering to safety regulations. How can you locate experienced scaffolders for your upcoming project?


For skilled and experienced scaffolders on your next project, partnering with a staffing agency streamlines the process. Agencies possess specialized expertise in advanced scaffolding roles, ensuring effective candidate assessment and selection. They tap into a broader candidate pool, enhancing the likelihood of finding nearby, highly qualified individuals. With established evaluation processes and thorough checks, only suitable candidates progress to placement. This approach saves time and resources, allowing focus on core tasks. Leveraging their industry insights, agencies offer valuable guidance throughout the recruitment journey. Trust All Pro Builders for your scaffolder and COTS laborer needs, ensuring timely access to experienced professionals.


At All Pro Builders, we specialize in recruiting top-tier candidates across the construction sector, ensuring seamless matches with exciting opportunities. Our scaffolder recruitment process simplifies the search for ideal candidates for your next project, be it residential or commercial. With our personalized approach, we prioritize the needs of both employers and candidates, making the advanced scaffolder recruitment process hassle-free. If you require skilled scaffolders for your upcoming projects, our dedicated team of recruitment specialists is ready to assist you. Reach out to us today to discover how All Pro Builders can fulfill your scaffolder recruitment requirements with ease.





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